In A Landscape by John Cage

*Note: This is a bit of a detox week. I’m taking a break from all social platforms, and so my writing my sound like it was whipped together in a toaster, because everyone knows that toasters toast, not whip. Not about food, though, but about music. (See? I can’t even finish a full sentence).

In A Landscape.jpeg

I already wrote about one piece by John Cage, but did you know I liked more than that one song that technically isn’t really a song? Whoa, who knew…

I apologize if I come across as a hippie to some of you, but I think that the song “In A Landscape” is an absolutely marvelous piece that requires your attention. And mine as well. My attention is already had, though. You listen to it next. Go. 

I know. Sometimes my posts here are incredibly epic and lengthy, requiring the eyes of a scholar to deduce whatever thing I was trying to understand and smartsound my way through in it… mhm.

Joking. I’m really an idiot. 


Philosophy Notes, Pt 2

impulses;I’ve got about two more parts in my brief philosophy series. Really these function as notes to myself, but I know, boring old philosophy… I mean, rather than reading self-help books that tell you to exercise and eat yogurt, why don’t we interpret and determine our lives based on our own aims and needs? While our lives might not be perfect, does it matter if we’re happy with what we’re doing? Move along now…


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Wintersun to Embark on Tour 2017

Wintersun recently announced its tour schedule in support of their upcoming album, The Forest Seasons. This tour will take place across Europe over 24 shows. 

2017 has turned out to be Wintersun’s best year financially. Earlier this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Wintersun thanked fans for the support to eventually build their own Wintersun HQ and record albums with better quality and in less amounts of time. 


Royal Blood Release New Album

Image result for royal blood how did we get so dark

British rock band Royal Blood have released their second studio album, How Did We Get So Dark,. When I went searching for the band on Facebook, I knew I had already listened to this band before, I just forgot when. As it turns out, it was in 2015.

Combining a mix of the Rolling Stones and Daft Punk with a modern take on blues rock similar to the White Stripes, Royal Blood combines this with straightforward musicality. Standout tracks include “I Only Lie When I Love You” and “How Did We Get So Dark?”. 

White Lion, Pride (1987)


Vinyl Final #1! (I don’t have any reason for the name, it just rhymes and sounds cool)

I purchased the album Pride two years ago after hearing the song “Wait” on an online radio playlist, and I quickly fell in love with the guitar work on the album. As it turned out, many people admired the guitar work on the album as well…

White Lion released their second album Pride, in 1987. Taking just six weeks to record, it took the album a full seven months after its release to garner any substantial sales and ground, but once MTV began airing “Wait” in its music video rotation, it climbed to #11 on the billboard albums chart. Shortly after, two more singles were released. “Wait” came in at #8 on the billboard, “When the Children Cry” hit #3, and “Tell Me” hit #58. 

Musically and melodically, the album contains the guitar work of Vito Bratta. Combining the speed and tapping of Van Halen with the vibrato and soul of classical influences, songs such as “Wait” and “Lonely Nights” feature an apt ability for the instrument that garnered Bratta Best New Guitarist spot in Guitar World Magazine and Guitar for the Practicing Musician in 1988. The song “Wait” has a guitar solo in the key of A Major that consists mostly of tapping along with bending and guitar slides that climax to a D Major shaped, hybrid picked arpeggio, showing that Bratta possessed both technique and feel. 

It’s likely because of the guitar work that I purchased this album two years ago, and then I found it in a bin two months ago at the Vegas Vinyl store here in beautiful, scorching hot Las Vegas. Overall, I definitely found an album worth popping into my car CD compartment several times when I found myself sitting in my car not in 100 degree weather (it’s currently too hot to sit in the car). I found myself surprisingly liking a glam metal album, albeit it indeed stands out among others with the stellar guitar work of Vibratota, a guitaristson who would go on to record a few more albums with White Lion, then disband the band and do no more music. While it’s sad that we’ll never hear another album of this type, it’s likely that things are for the best, and what we have is the best guitar work Bratta could ever possibly offer.