Valhallan Music was founded in 2017 as a means to convey opinions on music and the changing environment of the industry. 

We cover metal, pop, classical, and jazz music. We do interviews, write reviews, and provide a platform for music enthusiasts to digest and understand in the quickly transforming landscape of the music business. 

From founder

Valhalla symbolizes heroism and valor, and that’s what music means to me as well. It’s something above all else, something that lives inside everyone, and that even through difficult periods in our lives, it will still be there when all other hope fades. 

In Lord of the Rings, Tolkien devises music built on rhymery and poetry to add to the cultures and languages developed in Middle Earth. Music, as often as it is in the background, is also at the forefront of our everyday existence. As a result, we should cherish its importance rather than leaving it as a secondary function in the background noise of supermarkets. 

To not understand music is to live without reason and compassion.

– Garrett 

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