Change is difficult, especially when we don’t know what exactly lies ahead if we decide to make said change. It could be a risk that ends up backfiring. It could be something as simple as saying,” I am going to clean more shit up around the house.” (yes, good changes come from small things too). It could be something as big as taking an adventure from one end of the U.S.A. to the other and back. West coast to East coast and vice versa. It could be taking up a new instrument or learning a new technique on an instrument you already play. 

Change isn’t dangerous if we’re still happy and aware that we are making the change. As long as we’ve intelligently weighed our options and chosen something new or different, we are changing our reality. And sometimes, that’s what we need to move forward. Change, however, does not wait for you if you’re not choosing anything. You must beckon to change and ride it yourself if you wish to see the best results. 

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